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Types of Bans
There are several different types of bans, and they are handled slightly differently.

  1. ADMIN direct observation. Something an admin directly observed, normally in game, and WILL show up on the site. They are normally for 1 week, but sometimes can be for 1 day or a few months, depending on how often/severe the infraction was.

  2. ADMIN indirect observation. Something an admin indirectly observed, from out of game, normally via chat. This type of ban is for a max of 1 day, and WILL NOT show up on the site. Normally you just have to wait it out.

  3. Auto-ban. Some words are just so vile that we have a bot that will autoban you for using them the first time. Think mostly racist items. This will normally be for a week, although subsequent offences may lead to a permaban.

  4. Anti-cheat system. Some will typically be for less than an hour, and WILL NOT show up on the site. We have no way of reversing these. Others will be for a day or two, and WILL show up on the site. We probably won't reverse these since they are relatively short in nature for such a severe infraction.

  5. Known scammers. This data is pulled from many scammer databases, and we have NO control over this. It is fully automatic, and will NOT allow you to enter the server as long as you are on any one of their scammer lists. This type of ban WILL show up on the site, and be relatively short in duration. However, as soon as you try to enter the server again, it will see you are a known scammer, and reban you, resulting in effectively a permaban until such time you get your name removed from THEIR databases. And we cant help you with that.

  6. VAC ban. This is done ONLY done by Valve. They claim they do NOT ban you immediately upon their catching your bad behavior, but rather they delay the ban for a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of about two weeks, to try to prevent you from knowing exactly what you were doing at the time of their decision to ban you. Note that just because you are on a server when the ban comes down does NOT mean that your behavior on that server is what caused the VAC ban. And no one but valve has control over those types of bans.

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