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NVIDIA/EVGA Halloween party
The NVIDIA/EVGA Halloween party is this Friday, October 30th, 2009, and i was invited! And since they are only about 15 minutes away, im going!

"We will have a number of PCs set up to game on, as well as a 3D Theater to enjoy the latest in games and movies in full 3D. Pizza, drinks, and dessert will be served during the event.

Make sure you receive a raffle ticket upon check in as we have a lot of cool goodies to give away! The costume contest will start sometime around 8:30 p.m. or so.
One last thing, make sure you receive your Halloween Grab Bag before you leave the festivities. One bag per person please!"

Should be fun; i'll let you know what was in the bag.
so the party is only a few hours off; anyone want to venture a guess as to what is in the "halloween Grab Bag"?

my guess: t-shirt, mouse pad, and maybe a water bottle. whats your guess?
Tuque/Beanie, stickers, maybe some kind of poster or something. Ooh, maybe a notebook or something like razor did.
trip report.

they had a LOT of people there, at least 300.

evga reps were there as well, and were very knowlegable about their product, which was good since i just bought one of their motherboards the other day!

they had a 3d theatre set up, with some demo's of true 3d, touted as being what will be in our homes in 10 years. Since you can do it with stock/fast nvidia boards and special shuttered glasses today, i guess they are right. This was very nice.

they also had the batman game set up on about 20 pc's and everyone got to play (big deal....but high scorer got a prize) And free pizza/cookes/brownies/soda/etc.

also gave away about a dozen video cards, including some of the newest ones that have a physics coprocessor on it (just another/slow gpu, but on the same board). Gave away some tshirts as well, and quite a few video games.

the goodie bag; im embarrased for them, as all it had was a small bag of m&m's, some red liquorise, a nvidia neck chain, and a nvidia knit hat to hold it all. they definately could have done better there.

a fun way to spend a couple hours!
(10-30-2009, 09:58 PM)markg Wrote: a nvidia knit hat
Fuckin' called it.

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