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Cant post threads in Server//Bans
I was trying to post this in the ban area, but I kept getting the error message below. (Sorry about it being in the wrong thread) Link

The reason I was trying to post there is because there is a mic spammer who has been at it for over 1.5 hours now, and though I did mute him, listening to others complain was getting old. I made a demo. Video Link

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no clue why that is happening, ill take a look now
the video link; thanks, but it says its private. allow me to access it, ill confirm and permaban him



[edit] I turned off permissions to post there because that is mostly a portal to the 2 areas I want people to post; one for steam, one for killing floor.
but I turned it back on to allow for posts like this.

the better method would be to go to the steam ban/unban area, fill that out and upload a demo. I don't always look at normal posts, whereas the ban system alerts me fairly soon after a post.
Just letting you know, I changed the settings on the video and can now be viewed. And I will be sure to post all future demos and other user reports in the appropriate area.

**||Face down, ass up. That's the way I tie my shoes!||**

I didn't hear him say a word in the mic though, at least not in that demo

but ill be on the lookout for him. we have permamute available to deal with mic spammers, or if they play music I just permaban them
It was music. I had actually muted my game because I was listening to my own music. I forgot to turn up my TF2 volume. It was a mixture of music and weird recordings. I'll be sure to make sure my volume is up in the future.

**||Face down, ass up. That's the way I tie my shoes!||**

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