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May someone Explain to me Why I was banned?
Hello, fellow people. My name is cure, and I like to submit this thread here. Now, before you ask any questions, I can't find any topics that relate to bans, so I decided it would be best to be here.

Now, when I was playing the server, I thought it would be fun to rename myself to a medieval type of name, and become a "Demoknight" for the purposes of "Dueling". I challenge a fellow of mine for a Demoknight duel in the Nether. There are some players that killed us in the progress of dueling, but thats not the point.

My point is, why am I banned? There was no explanation, nor any reason given, rather than "You are banned from this server".

Atleast, tell me why I got banned from the server. Sad

TL;DR, I got banned from the server for no reason.
you couldn't find the section labeled "Ban/Unban requests"? That name/topic heading would certainly infer that it relates to bans. ill move this thread there.

Why did it ban you? only you know exactly what happened, but if you change your name too often, which is what griefers do, it will ban you automatically. That's just a function of the anti cheat tools. 10 name changes in 5 minutes will result in a ban, or 4 name steals in 5 minutes will result in a ban.
If this was the case, it should have given you a message such as this: "[Auto]Detected Namehacking #1-<name changes>-<name matches>"
ex, "[Auto]Detected Namehacking #1-10-0"

But since you gave ZERO information (not your in game name, not your steam id, not the server address, not the time, etc.) I have no way to review the logs and determine what happened. And I don't really like Easter egg hunts.

if you decide you want the ban to be lifted, which you didn't ask for in your post, please post in the proper area of the 'ban/unban requests' section and your request will be reviewed.

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