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Following instructions.
"Thread Title: Player name (not 'can i be unbanned' etc.)
line 1: What you are requesting (ban/unban)
line 2: Steam ID: Format is STEAM_0:XXXXXX (Use if you don't know what it is)
line 3: Server name
line 4: Time and date of incident
line 5: Description of what happened/reason for request

Note: If you dont supply ALL of the info in the format requested, your request will be ignored."

Line 1)I request unban from the KF-HoE server.

Line 2)STEAM_0:1:24950897

Line 3) | KF IV | Hell on Earth Objective | LVL 6 ONLY (

Line 4)Sometime last year. Admin kicked me without saying why (dont remember who exactly) I tried to come back etc. Then I realized that I couldnt. I dont remember the map but I know the core maps quite a bit. So if there was anything wrong, or just not the way the adming wanted, I am able to understand and be playing as told. No problems there. Total misunderstanding that I'd like to put behind so I can play on yoour server once again.

Line 5) Well I am always so nice with every and each person in game, even lvl zeros. It bothers me that I can't play on a server, for I am not the kinda of troll player or not polite gamer that would mess things up. I play (and find it really fun) the way the team/admin says so. I would like to play once again and most of all: have fun.

Thank you all already for reading.
were you banned because you didn't meet the server requirement? LvL 6 ONLY?

I unbanned you, but admins don't give warnings if you break the rules.
I was all 6 when that happened. Thank you for unbaning me Smile Played with a admin on KFO-Stemland yesterday... normal game... followed procedure with no probs. Some noob went demo and fired on fp.Damn thats the only map I need lol. Thx again.
yeah, I was the one who that idiot got killed!!!

glad to see you back!

have fun

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