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Admin Functions as of Jan 2014
The functions vary from time to time, but as of today the following are enabled:
  • Reserved slot: To connect to the reserved slot of a server that shows as full you will need to use 'connect ip:port' in console. (e.g. 'connect' for the trade server, 27015 for the vanilla server, 27016 for the mvm server).
To use the following, just type in chat:
  • !sm_admin: brings up an admin menu. There will be lots of things you can't access, but the ones you can should work from here.

  • !sm_votekick: starts a vote to kick a player who is disrupting the server.

  • !sm_voteban: starts a vote to ban a player if they continue to disrupt the server after being kicked.

  • !sm_resizeme: will open a menu to change your size.

  • !sm_resizemyhead: will open a menu to change the size of your head.

  • !robot: toggles MvM robot character. Note: Due to some steam clipping issues this will remove your hats/misc for the time you are a robot.

  • /pc "item": give you an approximate price on an item.

  • !votemute: brings up a menu to begin votemute.

  • !sm_rainbowize: toggles rainbow color chat.

  • Fire arrows: no need to do anything.
These items change from time to time depending on what valve does during their updates. I will try and add more things that might be fun.
Note: Anything that changes game play, like fire arrows, ONLY work on the trade server.

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