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Moving most everything
I am in the middle of moving just about everything except the actual game servers (which moved over a year ago).

Domain servers are in the process of being moved now, and should be stable in a week.

Hosting server should be starting to move in a week or so, and stabilized a couple weeks after that. We are moving platform types so it may take longer than hoped.

Sql server will follow the hosting move.

email will probably be last of all.

Why is this important? our game servers are run from parts of servers running in at least 3 different places, from forums, game servers, admin/ban database, fast downloads for maps, etc. They ALL need to work properly to make sure your gaming experience is what we all want.

Let me know if you are having any issues accessing any of the pieces, especially if you are a donor and are having issues with your powers. That seems to always be the first to break, since it is the ONLY function that requires ALL of the pieces to work properly together. ie if any of them are down, that function dies or doesn't perform properly. Don't worry, if I break anything I will simply extend your membership, likely for 2x the downtime, so you wont be harmed.

any questions, just ask!


3/4 of the nameservers have been moved, one left to go. All of the DNS entries have been updated and streamlined for performance and portability.

Hosting has been moved in its entirety! There are a few small glitches, but overall everything is working fine, at least as far as I know. If there are any issues let me know and I will fix them. And if anyone knows anything about Apache .htaccess files, I could use some help squashing one small problem I have.

I moved the entire system to one based on cPanel, which should make the next move a LOT easier than this one. Of course a new system also creates new bugs (see above) but once eradicated, we should be ok.

MySQL servers and files were moved, and seem to be doing well.

Some of the email has been moved for testing, and so far it looks good.

Note: one plugin interface for the server didn't work properly after the move, and I determined that it was the new host used PhP v5.3 whereas the old host used PhP v5.2. some of the commands that are used extensively were deprecated in v5.3. My quick fix was to roll back to version 5.2, but long term this plugin interface will need to be slightly rewritten/patched.

If you see ANYTHING that isn't working correctly either here or on the servers, let me know asap. There are always issues that are missed.

100% of everything has been moved, and I THINK everything is working.


I missed a couple dns entries (they were on page 2, who knew there even WAS a page 2) so teamspeak and a couple other things haven't been working properly the last couple days. That's fixed, and I think that was the last of the transfer issues.

So at this point im going to declare that im done, and ANY issues should be brought to our attention if something isn't working right.

Thanks for bearing with us.

ps. next time im only going to move one thing at a time. doing it all at once wasn't my brightest idea.

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