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New map! This one is better than the last!
Hey fellas! I'm back with a new map that I'm hoping you'll like! This one has less clutter, and more understandable teleporters!

This map contains your average trade map essentials, although the main room is shorter since I added three different areas to teleport to.

Areas added:

Sniper Zone - A place for those pesky NBS snipers to go and kill each other!

Boxing Ring - Self Explanatory, A place for people to duke it out in the ring!

Rocket Jumping - A finalized rocked-jumping area that has different platforms for soldiers/demomen to land on!

Now, I know what you're going to say:

"There isn't an upper floor for snipers in the main room!"

That's where the Sniper Zone comes in play!
It not only encourages snipers to go there, but it also helps out snipers in regards of soldiers jumping into the windows and blasting them
to pieces. (I know how annoying that can be when you're trying to 1v1 someone as sniper...)

Another helpful thing about this map is that it encourages people to obey the server rules!
In the center of the main room, there is a pillar that has the rules posted on it, as well as the NBS website.

Overall, I like this map. But I want to know what YOU think! And maybe it will get a place in the map cycle!

I hope you enjoy the map, here it is!

Thank you for your time!

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