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TF2 Admin/Reserved Slot
To get access to the admin functions, type sm_admin into the console or !sm_admin into chat. If you are an admin this will bring up a panel with all the functions your admin level allows. If you like to use the admin functions, it might be best to use key binds for this; you can download my autoexec.cfg file elsewhere which has this included.

To connect to the reserved slot of a server that shows as full you will need to use 'connect ip:port' in console. (e.g. 'connect'). This will work only if you have reserved slot enabled first by an admin.

If you need more functions, pm me with what you need and why.

One note: If the server does not have a connection to Steam, admin lookup will be unavailable. Players will keep their current admin and new players will have their lookups done automatically when the server regains its connection.

Also, whenever there is a steam update, they tend to kill the reservation system until it gets updated, typically a couple days, so if your reserved slot doesnt work after an update, thats the problem, and we are all in the same situation.

Command to use in console:

Normal server: connect
MVM server: connect
Trade server: connect

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