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TeamSpeak Server Info
TeamSpeak info port 9987 (but you dont need the port any more, so just will work fine)

download the client here

then use this tutorial to install and use

Here is a list of permissions that are intended, but may differ a bit depending on which beta version/permissions are implemented.

if you wish any changes let me know.

Overview (extracted from the server Permissions Guide)

The way a client receives his permissions is determined through a 5 layer system. Each layer can overwrite permissions

from the previous layer. If a permission is not granted on any of these 5 layers, it will be assumed to be of zero or false

value. These are the 5 Layers:

Tier 1: Server Groups

Tier 2: Client Specific Permissions

Tier 3: Channel Specific Permissions

Tier 4: Channel Groups

Tier 5: Channel and Client Specific Permissions


You are in the "Guest" server group (Tier 1) which has the permission b_channel_modify_name set to false. But you are also a "Channel Admin" (Tier 4) and a channel admin has b_channel_modify_name set to true. Since the channel group is in a higher tier than the server group, in the end you *can* modify your channels name (but not that of other channels where you are not channel admin).


Our Server Groups

o Server Admin (SA)

§ The SA can perform most any function required to manage the server. They can kick, ban, change permissions/create & delete tokens, edit the virtual server and more.

o Clan Members

§ Kick/Ban – Can kick/ban (300 sec) members of server groups below them

§ Complain - Can complain about members of any group but SA

§ Poke – Can poke members at or below their server group

§ Text message – can send messages to server/channel/private/offline

§ File transfer – can upload/download/browse

o Registered

§ Complain - Can complain about members of this group and guest group

§ Poke – Cannot poke

§ Text message – can send messages to server/channel/private/offline

§ File transfer – can download/browse

o Guest

§ Text message – guests can only send a text message to the channel they are in

§ Subscribe – can only see online members in the channel they are in and can only move within the Lobby (default channel) and sub-channels of the Public area

§ Guests may be kicked from the server automatically after 5 min idle time

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