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If you want more clan activity..
Try planning more clan events. Now seeing as most people don't look at these forums much (if ever) start by word of mouth and with steam announcements beforehand. Personally I'd set up three: a 48 Hour warning, a 24 hour warning, and a few minute warning. Throw in the Teamspeak 3 server information and viola, you can set up events. Such as..

"Left4Dead night! Be there!"


"Alien Swarm night! Lets kill some aliens!"

Or whatever other corny catch phrase you can nail on there. Just be sure to use events which will be..

~Easily accessible.

Most of us, for example, have Left4Dead. As for Alien Swarm, it's free anyway. Both are entertaining, both are easily accessible.

Just figured I'd throw that out there. OH! Wait! One last thing!

As an incentive for people to -actually- post on these forums more often, make the forums the official place to post about what you want the clan to do next.

Now, it could be that this is already in place or something and I'm just that boring/out of touch, but yeah. : P Figured I'd throw it out there anyway. See if it caught a bite or two.

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