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Forums Back up?
the forums have been up and running, but the sql server that powers them has had an issue. This is one of the few things we have at a professional hosting company, but they have just sucked the last few weeks. When sql is down, the forums just dont work properly, if at all. You might have received a 'too many connections' error etc over the last couple weeks.

They promised me today the sql server would be fixed in the next 24 hours. This impacts the forums and admin/ban/advertisements in the servers.
If so we should be back up and running shortly!
so they finished the move, and all is well.....NOT

they went ahead and changed the database names, user ids, and passwords!!!! WTF
i can see changing the database names if they have a prefix issue, but why the other stuff?

dumbasses, im working on getting it all fixed now. hopefully i can complete it by tonight.
at least i have the forums up. some of the other parts are more problematic.
that explains some things...

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