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Servers are Moving!
we outgrew the prior hosting, and are in the middle of moving our game servers to a new host.

the address/port combination will stay the same -

but if you use an ip address, it has changed to

ONLY your favorites list will need to be updated. The rest should be seamless.

one caution; although the servers are being moved, the forums etc. are not moving, and are therefore not affected. the stats however, will be down until i get time to fix them, so you can use gametracker in the meantime.

Servers are moved! TF2, L4D2 and 2x KF servers are up and functional. The others were moved as well, and can be run if we need them, but dont have the cpu cycles right now to do it (Empires, Insurgency, L4D, Zombie Panic Source, Zombie Master, Counterstrike Source, Alien Swarm). Not sure anyone ever played on them anyway.

The stats system isnt up yet, and i might not put it back up; it drains cpu cycles that we can use for other things, like more game servers. On the old system i had a full quad core with plenty of cpu, so it was easy to run, but here im not sure it is worth the extra $$ to buy more cpu cores when we have gametracker that does an adequate job. Perhaps if i have spare cpu cycles i will add later, but not for now.

Also i may have to upgrade the server, as we are a bit low on memory. lets see if TF2 stays as hot as it has been (full 24/7); if so i will likely upgrade. If i do, an additional cpu core will be added as well, allowing for more game servers to be run.

There is also now a donation page, that allows members/players to donate directly to the servers; in other words, any donation goes directly to the account at the server host, and cannot be used for anything else. Not like some other clans who charge for admin on servers they dont even own....

if you have any comments/requests/observations please let me know. i did find a couple glitches that was causing TF2 to crash periodically yesterday; it was due to my copying an old install that had some obsolete mods, but that should all be fixed now. all admin functions and ads should also be working.

and teamspeak has also been moved, but no need for you to change anything; i changed the dns so you should automatically be redirected!


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