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Lag Issues? Read This
Lag can be caused by many things, but MOST of them are at your end, and not at the server.

To find out what the problem is exactly, do the following. 

Run winmtr and tracert during the lag times.  The server you will be pointing to in both cases is, and the detailed instructions are linked in case you have never used these tools before.

1.  Run WinMTR.  For further information on how to run a MTR, please follow this link:

2.  Run tracert for routing/lag issues, instructions here: )

3.  Post your results here, Including your IP address (Use this to find your ip: )

4.  Allow us time to review the tracert and work with the hosting company to see if they can fix it.

Another thing you can do to track down lag problems that only last for a short time is described here

Finally, if you are having graphics lag, which is pretty common on some of the new/larger maps, you may want to use fraps to see what is going on.  This article will help you with that:

Thanks!  and if we find a server issue due to your information i will give you some nice perks on the server for a while....only fair since you helped to fix it!

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