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Hosting a non dedicated server with bots.
So I recently downloaded the map tr_walkway and I'm trying to get the bots and everything on but whenever I join it it says "You cannot change teams at this time" and there are no bots either!!! So I'm wondering how to fix this, also the server isn't hosted from a program such as the dedicated server software, but from the main menu "add server" button. HuhAngry
i havent run a listen server (which is what you are doing is called) in so long, i cant help you much.

its a lot easier to run a dedicated server (or a standalone dedicated server) to do what you want.
that way you can add the admin tools etc. necessary to get everything else working the way you want.

with a listen server you can use the internal (limited) steam console commands, but they are kind of basic. its much easier to go dedicated.

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