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Benefits of Donating
Althought the benefits change from time to time depending up what steam allows us to do, we have several benefits for our donators.
  1. Reserved slot. This allows you to always join, even if the server is full.
  2. When other reserved slot members join, you wont be kicked.
  3. Bonus round immunity. This prevents you from being killed during the round end.
  4. Initiate voting on other players. This varies, but normally consists of votemute, votekick, and voteban for those players who are causing trouble.
  5. Other benefits can be added or removed from time to time, depending on what works and what steam allows us to do.
Please note that you do not get noclip, since that wouldnt be fair to the other players in the game.

On our trade servers we may have a few additional functions enabled, since gameplay isnt an issue for a trade server.
  1. Roll the Dice. Non donors have a 50/50 chance of getting a good/bad result when rolling the dice. Donors have at least an 80/20 chance.
  2. Fire arrows. This gives you unlimited access to fire arrows for both the huntsman and the medic crossbow.
  3. Betherobot. This changes your player into the robot version.
  4. Price check is available.
  5. Resizeme and Resizemyhead are enabled.
After you have been a donor for a while and have proved your ability to be a good moderator, we may increase your powers. If we do that, your abilities will be expanded commensurate with your ability to moderate. There is no guarantee you will reach this level. Note what some other servers call admin is included in what we have for the donor level.

Any questions, feel free to ask!

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