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How to Donate, Duration, Etc.
It is very simple to donate to the server.

We prefer money, since that is what it takes us to keep the server going. The minimum amount to donate is $5, and can be paid either via paypay, or any of the major credit cards. To donate in this manner, just click on the donate post above and you will be taken to the site that will accept your paypal or credit card information. Please put your steam id and name in the "Optional note to recipient" so we know who you are and are able to add you to the donor list.

If you are unable to donate real money, then we do accept TF2 items instead. However, there are a few restrictions:
•Keys are accepted with a 4 key donation giving you the same benefit as a $5 donation. Why do we discount when you pay by keys? Because the server company wont take keys, only cash.
•You may donate Earbuds and Bill's Hat also, which will be treated as the appropriate amount of keys (according to the current/low market price).

Each $5/4 key donation will enable your donor benefits for one month.

Any questions, feel free to post or contact me!

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