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Fine Print
Donations are not refundable. Donations are not a service level agreement. While donations are greatly appreciated, there is no guarantee of service or service quality. Any services, either expressed or implied, are provided as a gift only for your convenience. Donations are not tax deductible, NBSclan is not a 501(c )(3) non-profit organization. Any services provided may be terminated or modified at any time by NBSclan for any reason deemed appropriate, including (but not limited to) violation of rules associated with services.

PayPal's automated transaction reporting service sends various pieces of identifying personal information to NBSclan, such as your name and address. NBSclan will not redistribute, sell, or make this information available to any third party without your explicit consent. Any personal information may be simply be discarded when it is received.

If you abuse any of the admin functions, we reserve the right to remove that function or remove you from using that, and other, admin functions.

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